Rejuveneck Pro

Rejuveneck Pro


RL Solution presents the newest innovation in anti-aging technology.
The neck rejuvenating device incorporates heating and cooling systems into one cutting-edge design. Opening pores and deeply cleansing them by the heating feature is crucial for a detailed skincare regimen. The cooling feature prevents dirt and bacteria from entering the skin by closing the pores once they’re cleaned out. This tightening treatment will minimize the appearance of pores while avoiding pigmentation and reviving the skin.

The Rejuveneck operates with an intelligent vibration technology which relaxes your muscles and treats fine lines and loose skin. In addition to the remarkable cosmetic benefits, the Rejuveneck helps alleviate pain and tension in the areas around your neck and shoulders.

You can use this tightening device on your neck, nape, shoulders and chest area to naturally achieve smoother, firmer skin.


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